What should I know about driving on the Fourth of July?

Fourth of July

The Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, is a holiday that honors the birth of our nation. To celebrate, many people attend barbecues, watch fireworks, go to parades, and indulge in drinking to loosen up. Having a couple of drinks with your friends and family is perfectly normal. However, it becomes a problem when intoxicated people get behind the wheel. Not only is driving while under the influence (DUI) dangerous, but it is downright illegal. In today’s society, where ridesharing services and other alternative options exist, drunk driving has no excuse, as it is entirely avoidable. The consequences of drunk driving accidents are devastating, and victims are burdened with various losses that negatively impact their life. If you have been injured because of a drunk driver, contact an experienced Santa Clara County Drunk Driving Accident Attorney who can help you fight for just compensation to which you are entitled. Please continue reading to learn why driving on the Fourth of July is more dangerous than any other day. 

Why are drunk driving accidents more likely to occur on the Fourth of July?

On Independence Day, families are estimated to travel more than 50 miles to attend celebrations. That said, more drivers are on the road than usual, increasing the likelihood of being involved in an auto accident. However, participating in the Fourth of July celebrations raises the risk of auto accidents and increases the possibility of drunk driving accidents. Alcoholic beverages are usually consumed during these festivities. People often believe there is no harm in having a couple of drinks with their friends. However, alcohol remains in the stomach for a prolonged period and affects the body and mind several hours after consumption. This increases the chance of people continuing to drink as they believe they are fine, leading them to make the reckless decision of operating a vehicle while impaired. Therefore, driving on Independence Day is especially dangerous as you are more likely to encounter a drunk driver than on any other day.

What should I do if I’m injured in a drunk driving accident?

Following an auto accident, if you are physically capable, it is imperative to take the following steps to maximize your chances of recovering reasonable compensation for your damages:

  • Call the police. In the case of minor accidents, exchanging information with the other driver may not suffice if you suspect that the other driver was operating their vehicle while under the influence. It is critical to call the police if you suspect that the other driver is intoxicated, as they will conduct a field sobriety test and administer a breathalyzer to determine the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC). If over the legal limit, these measures will help you prove the driver’s negligence directly caused your injuries as they violated the law.
  • Gather evidence at the accident scene. Obtaining evidence in the immediate aftermath of a collision is critical as it can help establish liability. That said, you should take pictures of the vehicle’s damage and your injuries. You should also ask any witnesses for their personal information, as they may be able to corroborate your claim later on. It is also beneficial to keep track of all relevant medical records that can verify the extent and severity of your injuries.

The above-listed steps can help you satisfy the burden of proof. Contact a skilled attorney from The Law Offices of Brian O’Grady today who can help you get the justice you deserve.