Mountain View, California Litigation Attorney

Mountain View, California Litigation Attorney

Bay Area Civil Litigator in Santa Clara County

For over 40 years, the Law Offices of Brian J. O’Grady has been assisting clients through complex legal matters, including litigation. When it comes to litigation, you cannot afford to have an attorney without years of experience and firsthand knowledge of the law and the processes associated with it.

Leading Litigators in The Bay Area

Brian J. O’Grady and his team at the Silicon Valley-based Law Offices of Brian J. O’Grady are astute civil litigation attorneys, and they have brought this skill and dedication to the table, time and time again. Attorney O’Grady and his team did not become well-respected members of the legal community overnight; they have tirelessly worked to be the most reliable legal team in Silicon Valley for over 40 years. This firm has handled thousands of cases, and they have won several multimillion-dollar awards on behalf of their clients, including on cases that have helped shape the course of California law.

Astute Legal Counsel

The Law Offices of Brian J. O’Grady handles a wide array of civil cases, including:

  • Business and Commercial Litigation: If you are a business or a consumer and are engaged in any sort of dispute, such as contract-based claims, business sales, purchases, commercial arbitration, or even fraud/misrepresentation, our firm can handle your case.
  • Real Estate Litigation: If you require legal guidance with certain real estate contracts, or are currently involved in a purchase dispute, or are fighting what you perceive as an act of fraud, misrepresentation or a defect claim for either residential or commercial property, our firm can help.
  • Construction Claims: If you are a contractor who is currently facing any type of construction-related claim, including construction defects, payment disputes, and delay claims, look no further than the Law Offices of Brian J. O’Grady.
  • Trust and Estate Litigation: If you are a beneficiary who believes you were entitled to an inheritance in a loved one’s will or estate that you simply did not receive, or you are someone who otherwise would like to challenge an estate plan, our firm is here to assist you.

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The bottom line is that if you require honest and straightforward legal counsel, as well as astute legal analysis, then look no further than the Law Offices of Brian J. O’Grady. Contact our experienced civil trial attorneys today so we can get started.