Can I sue a manufacturer for injuries caused by a defective product?


As a consumer, it is reasonable to expect that when you purchase a product from a store, it will perform as advertised and is safe for use. If a product fails to function as intended due to design flaws or errors during its creation, resulting in it being unreasonably unsafe, it would be classified as a defective product. Product defects can be present in various goods, from household to industrial products. Companies, their product designers, and manufacturers are legally obligated to ensure their products are safe for consumers when used properly. When a product is designed or manufactured negligently, and someone suffers serious injuries, they may have grounds for a product liability claim. If a defective product has injured you, contact our Santa Clara County Defective Product Attorneys, who can help you determine what party can be liable for your damages.

If I sustained injuries due to a defective product, can I hold the manufacturer accountable for my damages?

In some cases, injuries may be caused by the user’s negligence. If a consumer does not use the product as it is intended, which has been stipulated on the warning label, could cause harm, there are no grounds for a product liability claim. However, in other cases, when a consumer uses the product correctly, yet it causes them harm due to a defect, it could constitute a product liability claim. In most cases, product defects are caused by:

  • Design flaws: This type of defect occurs when the product design is responsible for causing an injury. It usually happens when the product designer negligently overlooks a safer design option and chooses one that harms consumers.
  • Manufacturing defects: This type of defect occurs during the actual creation of the physical product. It usually happens when the manufacturer of a product deviates from a safe design to save money which causes the product to not conform to its intended design, making it unreasonably safe for use.
  • Failure to warn: This type of defect occurs when a company fails to include the proper warning instructions on its product, which advises consumers of the dangers associated with misusing the product.

These are the two most common types of product liability cases. When product designers and manufacturers fail to uphold their legal obligation toward consumers, they can be held liable for any damages resulting from their negligence. Ultimately, the manufacturer of a defective product can be held responsible for providing consumers with unreasonably dangerous products.

If a defective product injures you or your loved one, it is vital to retain the legal services of a seasoned attorney. The Law Offices of Brian J. O’Grady is prepared to fight to secure the fair compensation you deserve.