Who pays my medical bills after an auto accident?

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Unfortunately, due to negligence auto accidents occur which result in devastating injuries. Victims of auto accidents typically suffer significant injuries. This causes them to be slapped with expensive medical bills. Victims may wonder who is responsible for paying their medical bills when the accident that caused them harm wasn’t their fault. Fortunately, all of the states in the U.S. require drivers to have some type of auto liability insurance coverage. This can help victims cover damages in the event of a collision. If you have been injured in an auto accident, contact a skilled Santa Clara County Auto Accident Attorney who can help you recover reasonable compensation for your injuries. We are prepared to fight for you today.

Who is responsible for paying my medical bills after an auto accident?

Generally, after an auto accident, victims must pay for their medical expenses. Victims insurance coverage will typically pay for their medical expenses. However, victims may have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or Med Pay insurance coverage which can cover a portion of a victim’s medical expenses. PIP insurance can cover any injuries that a victim and their passengers suffer in an auto accident. Several states require drivers with registered motor vehicles to have PIP coverage. California, however, does not mandate this type of no fault-insurance. Individuals in California can also acquire Medical Payments (Med Pay) coverage that is similar to PIP coverage. Med Pay is another no-fault insurance coverage that could cover an individuals medical expenses. The main difference between PIP and Med Pay is PIP can cover other losses besides medical expenses. Med Pay covers only medical expenses. Med Pay cannot cover a victims lost wages. Typically, individuals can only have one or the other. Fortunately, if PIP or med pay does not cover the total cost of a victims injuries, they are entitled to file a claim against a negligent party to cover the rest of their medical expenses. Legally, victims can file a personal injury claim to recover monetary compensation for their damages. In California, victims have two years from the date of the auto accident to file a claim. If they fail to file within this time frame they will be barred from ever doing so in the future. Victims are required to fulfill the burden of proof. This means victims are required to prove their injuries were directly cause by another person’s negligence.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto accident, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable and determined team members. Our attorneys are committed to helping their clients seek the justice they deserve. With years of experience, our team can help you fulfill the burden of proof and help you recover fair compensation for your medical expenses.