Pool Safety Tips to Consider this Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend is one of the first reasons to get together outdoors with your friends and family this year. As the weather warms up, it is a great time to gather around the pool and take a dip with your loved ones. However, it is important to note that Memorial Day marks a heightened risk for drownings and other swimming pool accidents until September. To protect yourself and your loved ones, continue reading to discover important pool safety precautions to consider this summer. If you have been injured in a swimming pool accident, please reach out to our experienced personal injury attorney to learn how we can help you achieve the compensation you deserve.

Pool Safety Tips to Consider

Consider these pool safety tips this summer to keep you and your loved ones safe all season long:

  • Do not swim while intoxicated
  • Ensure the pool has drain covers
  • Be sure that everyone swimming understands where the shallow parts of the pool start and stop
  • Do not allow electronic devices near the pool
  • Ensure that all guests can swim property if the pool is too deep for guests to stand comfortably in the water
  • Have someone on the property who can perform CPR if necessary
  • Be sure that there is proper covers, alarms, barrier, and fencing surrounding the pool
  • Never leave a child unattended in or around the water
  • When the pool is not in use, stow away portable latter to avoid children from having access to the pool

Am I eligible for compensation following a pool accident?

The first step you should take after being involved in a swimming pool accident is to call the police. The police should also send an ambulance to the scene if you require treatment. You should also take pictures of the hazard that caused your injuries and collect all medical documentation relating to your treatment.

Once you have been treated for your inures, you should retain the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer who will gather all the necessary evidence needed to satisfy the burden of proof. Your attorney will need to prove that negligence caused your injuries in a premises liability case. They will do so by proving that your accident was a result of the pool owner’s failure to ensure the lawful standard of care and safety. To get this claims process started, reach out to our firm today to discuss your options. We want to fight for the compensation you need to heal properly.


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