How can my trick-or-treater stay safe from injury on Halloween?

Halloween safe

Halloween is a spooky holiday with lots of scares, but no one wants a scare that involves their trick-or-treater’s well-being. Halloween is an extremely dangerous holiday for young children. Parents must take the necessary precautions to ensure their child remains safe this Halloween. We have compiled some general safety tips to ensure your little one is protected from injury on Halloween while out trick-or-treating. Children do not know the rules of the road, so it is up to parents to drill some of these tips into their child’s heads. If your child is somehow injured this Halloween, contact an experienced Santa Clara County Personal Injury Attorney who can help seek the justice your child deserves. 

How can I ensure my trick-or-treater remains safe from injury this Halloween?

Approaching Homes 

When a child approaches a home, they should make sure that the walkway leading up to the door is clear of any obstacle. If there is decoration in the way, this could cause trips and falls to happen with could result in serious injury. If there are jack-o-lanterns with open flames on the steps, children should steer clear as their costumes could catch on fire. Trick-or-treaters should also refrain from approaching any houses that do not have any lights on. If a house doesn’t have its fdront porch on, it is likely they are not participating in handing out candy. The homeowner is not liable if your child is injured on their property due to dangerous conditions. Furthermore, if a home has a dog as a pet, your child should avoid petting it. If the dog is aggressive it could bite your child inflicting serious injury. When your trick-or-treater walks upstairs to a front porch, they should be aware of any visible loose steps. When a trick-or-treater approaches a candy home, they should be alert for any dangerous conditions. If they can visibly see any dangerous conditions, they should skip that house and move on to the next. These tips can help keep your child safe from injury on Halloween.

When crossing or walking 

Children do not know the rules of the road. Parents must explain some rules to prevent any collisions resulting in injury. Children should always look both ways before crossing the street and only cross at a crosswalk. Trick-or-treaters should never assume that a driver sees them. Children should never be distracted while crossing. They shouldn’t be looking down at their phone. Additionally, they should never cross from behind parked cars or bushes. This unexpected and dangerous method of crossing the street could cause a collision. To ensure your child is safe from injury this Halloween, teach them safe ways to cross the street while trick-or-treating.

Finding the right costume 

Parents should dress their children appropriately. Meaning, their costume should fit them properly to avoid them tripping over themselves resulting in injury. Children should refrain from wearing facemasks and instead wear face paint. As a result, your child’s vision will not be impaired. Aim for lighter-colored costumes or costumes that have reflective elements that can enhance visibility. You want to make sure your child is visible to drivers on the road.

If your child suffers an injury this Halloween, contact one of our qualified attorneys who can help you recover damages.